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This page is for you to write down your ideas for new stuff in Bug Heroes. Please do not delete or edit any current ideas. You may write below an idea your version of it, though. If an idea is good enough for me, then I'll create a whole page dedicated on the hero, combining both mine and your ideas.


Bug Heroes RTS: Its time to fight the enemy in a whole new way. You have a basic food stash with little bug houses nearby it. This is your base. You are a resistance commander, leading one of the few towns that hasn't been conquered yet. But that wont last long as the scorpions send armies out to crush your resistence. But that is not an option, so you must build walls,set traps, and train your own armies. You will start out with a small army, just a few ants fleas and maybe a small snail or two. Every day you send out a number of spies, scouts and scavengers. Spies track the enemy armies movements, scouts explore new areas and scavenger search for food, scrap materials or special parts. Food and scrap materials are used to train troops. (also most units that you see in the game can be trained as your own troops). For example fleas have little health and little armor so their cost to train is very small. But training large units with lots of armor are more costly. Scrap materials are also used to build turrets and structures as well as conduct repairs on damaged buildings. Some buildings you can create are the barracks which holds troops, the armory which trains troops, the mushroom farms which generate small amounts of food, a tech lab which you can use to reasearch new technologies which unlock new units. As your army and cause grow larger, so can your effect on the war. You will also have to march your troops around the land and liberate other towns controlled by the scorpions. Once a town has been freed it can becomes a mini-base and becomes one of these things: a tech lab town were you research new tecnologys, a scavenging town where they will scavenge food scrap, and special parts within that area, a training camp which allows you train troops, a farming town which farms mushrooms. Sometimes your base will get attacked by the enemy. The enemy will spawn normally. You can move troops around the map with your commands, have them guard a certain area or have certain units attack other units. So this is my basic idea. So what are you waiting for? Letss lead are troops to victory! By Heylookoverthere

Bug Heroes survival mode: You have three characters but you dont have a base. just like adventure mode you get a new map on a certain wave. You are raiding the scorpions land. Once you conquer that land (maybe level 20)you can play it on adventure mode. Some levels can not be played on adventure mode.

Heroes Factory: A totally new idea that should be created! Choose your bug, its color, the weapon, the abilities, and the skills. next, add some personal touches to your new bug hero (ex: fatten it or add a Mario head on top). You can then use this bug in the game! By Ideabug.

- As the game progresses, you pick up parts, abilities, and such to mold together new heroes after each game

Hunger bars: Hunger bars is the amount of food each bug needs or else they will die right away. Every wave a hunger bar drains down. Vampire quests do not disrupt it you can not starve to death in vampire quests. You have 4 hunger bar. One hunger bar = 30 food

Vehicles: On some maps, you can hop in a car and drive around with much more speed. However, you can't attack and some bugs can't be run over (Hint: when you hit one of these, run). By Ideabug.

Weather: It can rain, snow, windy, hot, cold... This feature appears in Yard, Pond, and Garden. By Tunafish 123.

Hero controls: Insted of just moving the attack button and getting a random attack you get to choose a control then you attack ( regular surround and super. You must attack five times before you can use your super attack.

Coins: Insted of randomly earning armor and mastering ability coins are replaced. Armor starts of with 15 coins if your buying your first armor. It will be 5x it original amount once you get your first armor. Skills will be 10 and 5x as well.

Map: Exactly what it sounds like. A map that displays the whole area similar to BHQ! By Yannis

Boss Fights: After 10 rounds, a boss will appear and you have to defeat it to get the next round. In these rounds, the main objective will be "defeat the ...." instead of the "survive for 1:45". There will be another bugs to help the boss while you're fighting. After you kill the boss, all other bugs on the map will disappear and the game will continue normal. (One of the bosses could be Scorpion King with 10000 HP)

Aerial Assaults: On some maps, you can find helicopters and bombers. Heroes can control these machines and attack enemies from above, dealing heavy-extreme damage, depending on the vehicle. These vehicles last for 25 seconds until their batteries run dry and the machines will crash. If you do not abandon the vehicle within five seconds before it crashes, your hero will suffer heavy damage and will be stunned for 10 seconds. If the vehicle crashes on enemies, they too will suffer heavy damage and stun. By Win Tune

Support bugs: (You can only choose 1) potionist (30 coins) throws potions, sniper (30 coins) snipe shots people, Spy (30 coins) assassinates people and may destroy enemy turrets, Medic (30 coins) heals you with medigun, sheilder (30 coins) takes bullets and attacks to protect you, Food carrier (30 coins) carry's food and shoots a mini knife. Scout (30 coins) Has a scattergun and finds food, slave (10 coins) kills you with a saber. Once you've collected all characters you get a tech guy and a gunsman( tech guy is medic potionist sheilder and food carrier combined) (gunsman has a torch to fight and has 5 recruits to fight with him)

Obstacles/supports: Items that may help you throughout the game and things that might not help you or harm you. For example flytraps and barbed wire. Things that support is grass and gummy jar. These are useful because new obstacles can form and new supports can help you not only in medicine and mushrooms and food but in other ways.


Argentine commander: The scorpions almost wiped out all the Argentine ants some are surviving and most joined the bug heroes for what the scorpions did. His weapons are pistol, double pistol, uzi, double uzi. He only has a helmet for armor his abilitys are blowhorn my army food supply lockdown nuke rocket barrage salute dagger elite army motar team machine team and bring em out.

Weta/kisbug: kisbug did not come to the bug heroes for the justice of other bugs its because of her dark heart and suicide thoughts. Weta is mutated and now lifeless and kisbugs slave. Though she changed her mind after a few days with the bug heroes. She wanted to also lead an army to kill the scorpions and be a harvester after the war. Both have no armor and there weapons is there poisonus glands. It starts as glands hair and than spikes. Moves blood sucking, the diesase, blood relase, ground smash, speedy attacks, Blood spit, bug shed, mutation and poison barf.

Cockroach : Just a regular cockroach with regular stink bombs. Said to be the most resilient bug in the world. He did his own stunts until the scorpions took him away. His soul was drained and he was withered. Still since he has some grenades he will make a good demoman. His weapons is grenade, bomb cannon and grenade launcher. His moves is nuclear waste, Digester, Food finder life support, Hell to all, soul drain, Giant grenade.

Fire Ant: Fire Ant was originally one of the scorpions top commanders. Leading his army of fire ant warriors, Fire Ant conquered and ravaged the land. But the scorpions betrayed him when they had no further use for him. With most of his own army turned against him, Fire Ant was forced to leave the scorpion armies. Fueled by revenge he has allied himself with the bug heroes....for hope he can defeat his treacherous leaders. Fire Ant is an offensive heavy hero. Using both melee and ranged weapons, Fire Ant carries a medium ranged armor piercing flamethrower in one hand and a fiery match used like mace in the other. One of his abilities called Fire Rain is just that. He shoots his flamethrower in the air for three seconds and then it comes raining down in small explosions that leave fire on the ground. Enimess hit by the fire or who walk into it will catch on fire an dealt fire damage. Another ability is to summon some still loyal fire ant warriors which are red and carry a flaming match that deals fire damage. Another ability called Fire Monger is when fire ant catches on fire. Melee enemies that attack Fire Ant will catch on fire and be dealt fire damage. Additionally, Fire Ant's melee attack deals 50% more damage and his armor is increased by 30%. His final ability called Incineration Bomb. Fire Ant becomes a time bomb with a ten second fuse. When the fuse runs out, flames shoot out of Fire Ant in a large radius dealing 135 damage and dealing fire damage to survivors. By Heylookoverthere

Cicada:Cicada used to create weapons and brainwashing devices against his will, and eventually escaped. But he still holds a grudge for the scorpions! Cicada is an amazing scientist, his weapon being a Shock gun, which can be upgraded to Zap gun, +damage, then Stun gun, +stun. His weapon acts as an energy wave, having infinite range and getting bigger but less damaging as it travels. Cicada has various supportive and defensive abilities, such as Electric wall, were you indicate to points on the map and a electric current appears between them, hurting anything that passes through. Cicada can build laser turrets, and can give each hero there own shield generator for 30 seconds that minimizes all damage. Cicada also has the ability of cyoigenetics, were a heroes health is instantly replenished but you cant use him fire a minute. Cicada can also build a nuke, which kills all small bugs in a large area. Cicada can also produce a black hole generator, which sucks in all medium and small bugs that come near its tiny range. Cicadas level up abilities are health, speed, workmanship, and damage. By Crazynerd.

Harvester ant: The last of the harvester ants. The scorpions dominated all the harvester ants when he was at birth. He had a birth defect of the most venomous spit in the world now a lone wolf leader but thought he couldn't fight the scorpions himself so he joined the bug heroes. His weapons is spewing gun, bug spray gun and lava spray gun. His armor is a backpack a chest arms and legs. He has not a lot of abilitys. Abilitys: acid powers, goo spits, poison skin, spewzooka.

Locust: A normal locust just wants food and the scorpions are stealing the food. All the locusts want food but they joined the scorpions. Locust now fights his own kind because he doeskin want food anymore he wants to rebel to them. Weapons: pole, poison splattered broom and spear. Skills: My army everything is food, rampage, scare, devils horn, reinforced spear, and poison daggers.

Skimmer: A messenger and butler for the dragonfly king until he got inslaved. Also the scorpions killed all the skimmers and left the rest slaves. some say the dragonfly king is mind controled and will take large amounts of food from people. Her weapons is plate, disk, and spiked disk. Her armor is her wings than chest then helmet. Her abilitys are giant disk kings orders glass box drop, rapid throws explosive throws, acid plates and kings airstrike

Giant darner: The fastest out of all the insects. But the scorpions killed his family. When the tried to attack him they ripped out part of his wing and leg. Cause of all of that he wants revenge to all the scorpions. Weapons: gloves gantlets and spiked gantlets. Armor in all parts of his body but not in the head wings and face. Abilitys: Bigify, gantlet fires, gantlet smash, coffee, stealth steal anything and double the fly's

Fairy fly: A scientist that wanted to be big but insted became very small. Though he can become the same size again. He joined the bug heros when they raided and broke all his projects they were gonna kill him but he escaped. Now he tries to kill them. He is smaller than bruce flea. His weapons is knife dagger and saber. Armor is backpack helmet legs and spikes. Abilitys minimize, bigify, money steal, health steal, genocidl, double sabers, army of my kind, stealth bloody sabers.

Tree lobster: Hes been into lots of wars but the scorpions tribe is worse than all of them he is the lost of his own species. Most killed but this bug had been through the lazarus effect. His weapons is stone,club and mace. he has armor everywhere but not in his head hands and back. His ability is Lazarus effect, shoot em rampage, giant stick, iron back, hit man powder, depprsion, unbreakable, rising from the dead and devils mind.

Water boatman: A cicada that was forced to entertain the scorpions. Once she was on her break she broke the scorpion lords ears. Then tryed to escape. She was tortured. Once she was on break she shattered all the scorpions ears when she performed and successfully ran away. She joined the bug heroes to show what she was made of. Her weapons is microphone big microphone and megaphone. Her ability is ear shatter, sing coffee, demonic voice menacing melody, calm song, cosmic song bash jam and happy jam.

Weevil: Weevil was a specialist Mushroom farmer, until the scorpions took over his land! He joined the Bug Heroes in order to defeat the scorpions. Weevil carries a shotgun, that shoots multiple knock back bullets. His armor is just below beetles, and has various supportive and offensive abilities. Some are throw rock, summon farmhand, which a little beetle with a scythe helps defend your food stash until he is killed, Crops, which doubles the amount of food you pick up, Harvest, were weevil takes a scythe and cuts all around him, and Thanksgiving, were all heroes are healed by 300. Weevils level-up abilities are health, armor, damage, and speed. His weapon can be upgraded from shotgun, big shotgun, then broomstick. By Crazynerd.

Vampire Bug: The only Vampire Bug alive that had regained her power over her own life. Not knowing who she was in the past she fights to know the truth, joining anyone who is strong enough to help her. Being defeated by the Bug Heroes she joined them and pledged her life to help them. Her level-up skills are, health, damage, ranged armor, melee armor, poison, stun. Vampire Bug, before joining the bug heroes had to be defeated as a boss and has 1500 health when he was a boss. His starting weapons would be claws, then knuckles, sharp claws and finally big claws.his starting health is 750, damage 150-275, speed 25% more than spider, armor 25% less than beetle.

Gnat: The useless bug? Wrong! He was trained to deal with close and ranged combat. He has two guns that can knock-back enemies and two knives that can pierce through enemy armor and even flies fast. Not a crowd pest control, but able to escape from the big, slow guys and take them out from a distance. He's special abilities are, spin-shot, which he will spin himself while shooting his guns and cutting enemies apart. Growth, which he can turn himself into a larger version of himself, do more damage but slower and can even spawn Gnats. Shoot'n'slice, which he'll shoot a big number of bullets and throw his knives at enemies. Assassin cut, which will cut through enemy crowd and their armor. Plasma cannon, which will deal great damage to enemies. Shoulder turret, which will enable a turret to be on his shoulder and shoot enemies. Fly high, which he will use his guns to fly up higher and slash enemies with his knives when he comes down. His level up skills are, health, speed, damage, armor, lucky shot, assassinate. His starting weapons are, pistols and daggers, then shotguns and small blades, then sniper and blades, and in BH quest the last weapon should be rail-gun and big blades. His starting health is 600, attack(combined with the 4 weapons) is 120, and armor like ant, speed like spider.

Mosquito: Mosquito is a bug from the Wasp clan. He was adopted and never treated well and now runs away. She vows to show the Wasp clan what power as an assassin he has. Trained as a poison and dual-wielder, he wields a double-sided weapon in both hands and has a sting that can stun any target. Wielding two weapons he supports himself on 4 legs and has lesser armor. His special abilities are, fly where he can fly to his destination inside the radius of where he can see. Spin slice, which he spins both his weapon and destroy many enemies surrounding him. Earthquake cut, which he uses both his weapons and hits the ground to make an earthquake dealing normal damage but causing enemies to be stunned and knocked back. Illuminate, which creates 2 shadow duplicates of him but causing half the damage he does,only works in day-time. Poison, which he shoots a poison sludge that can affect 5 enemies to either die or become minions of mosquito before they die off but does not work on high-health enemies like snail. Focus, which when he uses can slow down time and do more damage he does with an increased speed. Deadly cuts, where he does 50% more damage and attacks the strongest to weakest enemies he can see. Assassin cut, where he cuts through the crowd including enemy armor.Dual sniper, which he can de-equip/equip snipers on 4 hands but can't move while shooting. His level up skills are, Health, speed, damage, poison, dangerous stare(which will increase the chance to do massive damage to enemies.), armor. His weapon will start off with toothpicks, then upgraded to needles and finally math compasses, in BH quest the last weapon would be double-sided gun blades(its just a double-sided blade). His attack points start off with 120-170, health would be 600, speed would be like spider, armor would be like ant.

Death Walker: Death Walker is a bug whose identity is never revealed. A spy from an unknown clan, she is fast and deadly, able to string several powerful attacks into regular attacks. She has a double sided sword in one hand, and a high powered laser gun equipped with a light saber bayonet. She starts with no armor, high speed, and high damage. She has a small dagger and a pistol. This upgrades to a rusty sword and a rifle with a rusty bayonet. Her final upgrade is a double sided sword and a high powered laser gun with her light saber bayonet. Her level-up skills are Shadow Walk (increases chance of being undetected), Boss Slash (increases chance of doing a critical slash during a regular attack), Knowledge is Power (increases stats exponentially depending on what history scrolls are collected), and Assassin Powers (increases speed, damage, and armor by a few points each). By hydrosparky.

Kosh Bug (Light Bug): Kosh Bug is a heavily armored bug with powerful abilities. Because he is so slow, players who like to use Spider and Wasp aren't recommended to use him. Kosh Bug rarely uses physical attacks, because he is adept at using his mind. One of the telepathic heroes, he can convert enemies to allies, disrupt their sense of reality, and destroy enemies quickly by crushing their mind. He starts with Apprentice Telepath, then Experienced Telepath, and finally Mastermind. His level-up skills are Confusion (increases chance of converting enemy bug to the allies), Telekinesis (increases power of Telepathic powers), Ancient (increases chance of doing 4X more damage), and Too Bad (increases chance of doing a one-hit KO). By hydrosparky.

Tick Triplet Telepaths (T-Cubed): Three heroes that are weak individually, but powerful together. The Triplets each have their special abilities. They are quite slow and have no armor, and very little health (less than Worm's). Tick 1 focuses on the defence of his brothers. Tick 2 uses spells to achieve his ends. Tick 3 uses telepathy to damage his enemies. Their level-up skills are Telepathic Defence (Increases chance of reflecting attack back to enemies), Mana, Telekinesis, and Confusion. Cybug: With one mechanical arm with a built in plasma cannon, cybug is byfar the hero with the weapon that deals the most damage. He also wields a knife to slash at enemies that come close. His abilities are regen, charge, speed, and aura of coolness.

Wolf Spider the Tech Maniac: A hero who fiddles around with new technology and creating new ones all the time, Wolf Spider is a weak hero with great abilities to complement him all the time. He is also interested in Spider, who dislikes him because of the rivalries in the two Spider Clan factions. Using a sonar detector and a sonic wave blaster, he finds the root of the problem and obliverates it. His level-up skills are Health, Effectiveness (increases fire rate), Survivability (increases Speed, Armor, Damage, and Dodge Rate by 50% when his health is 33% or lower.), and More Power (lowers Speed in order to increase Damage). By hydrosparky.

{C {C {C}{C {C Honeybee the Medic: A clan thought to be destroyed by the gods now rise in glory! Honeybee, a hero sent on a mission to defeat the Scorpion Clan, now tells the true story of what happened to the Honeybee Clan. With great medical experise, and the countless hours of dissection of enemy bugs, she uses a leech launcher to both damage the target and gain health. Having the lowest of all stats except speed (in which she has the highest) out of all of the bugs, this is compensated by the fact that she can heal all heroes and have a team of three of her honeybee kin fight, defend, and heal beside her. She has Speed, True Master (increases her stats every time she kills 50 bugs), Power Heal (increases heal rate of inactive heroes), and Effectiveness. By hydrosparky.

Honeybee's Alt: Aphid Apothecary! - This gal is more into actually surviving. Honeybee must rely on her speedy nursing to get out of trouble in time. However, Aphid can smash the strong enemies while healing the weak allies. She replaces Speed for Quick Killer (increases speed of attacks i.e. firing rate) and replaces Polen Power with Explosive Leech (increases chance of the leech weapon blowing up on contact with an enemy, which damages, knocks back and stuns). Ant sort of has a crush on her, but she dispises him because of her horrid memories. Back in the days, the ants were farming her own species, believing aphids to be dumb and wanting their sacred honeydew. Eventually, the war of the scorpions had broke out and most of the aphids were not protected, as the ants thought their needs were far less then their own. Most of the aphids were killed, as the scorpions thought they were too dumb to be able to hold a gun for them. Aphids biggest weakness is her lack of speed. She may not be able to heal the weak in time....

{C Firefly Lighter: This guy loves to light the whole place in glorious...light. He is not kind to people who fight for wrong, and has horribly burned any of his own kind that have joined the Scorpions with his Flamethrower. It quickly fires fireballs which expand outwards, having a great AoE. With 50 damage, and firing every 0.5 secs, it can easily burn the weakly armored, but is very ineffective against armored enemies. He only has 500 health. But, at night, Firefly can light up his butt to gain 25% more speed. If there's a big fight, he'll be lucky if it's night! His level-up skills are: Health (increases max by 40 and heals by 80), Speed, The Light (increases speed by 15% and damage by 20% when it's night) and Fiery (increases the AoE of his Flamethrower). His Flamethrower can be upgraded to Mega Thrower (increases fire-rate) and Plasma Pulsar (increases damage by 50 and has armor piercing). ADDITIONAL NOTE: I know this guy is from my new alternate ideas, but as a separate hero, he could be so much more awesome. By K-leb25.

Firefly Alt -- Pincer Firebat: This Pincer Ant loves to survive the burning and isn't a Firelfy, so he replaces The Light with Armor. He completely loses the bonus at night, but instead gains the same starting armor as Beetle. He also replaces Speed with Static Blast So, he really is the one to stay alive, but loses any special damage or speed bonus. By K-leb25.

{C {C {C}{C {C Treebug: A mad scientist from the Leafbug Clan, he grafted his body onto a growing oak sapling, making him slow but strong. Knowing many different chemicals, he can spray acid, poison, and use other nasty attacks to achieve his ends. His abilities are Health, Photosynthesis (increases heal rate of all heroes during the day), Test and Trial (increases effectiveness of chemicals), and Unyielding (increases both armor and damage when attacked by multiple bugs). By Hydrosparky (I assume!).

Moth: don't be fulling with the moths! You may think they fly by night, but at day, they create weapons of destruction and write their books of prophessy and holyness. Moth is one of the most famous of the Moths who fights for the gods! Or otherwise, for right! She holds a Sword in her left segment and a Hardened Shield in her right. Using her Sword, she slowly slashes the enemies one by one, and with her shield, she gains Beetle's armor. When it's night, though, she takes flight, becoming a bit faster and able to dodge bug slime and webs on the ground. Her level-up skills are: Health (increases health by 40 and heals by 80), Speed, Holy Figure (increases the chance that after a kill, she will be invincible for 2 seconds) and Master Striker (increases the chance of doing a Master Strike, which strikes all oponents in front of her). By K-leb25.

Moth's Alt: Earwing Warlock! -- Earwing still has standard of pretty much everything. Unlike Moth, she also has learnt crafts of magic...sort of. She does lose the bonus at night, but gains benefits in attack. She replaces speed with Quick Killer. This increases the speed of her attacks. This is awesome and well-worth it as when fully-upgraded, Earwing can attack with less than even half the speed. Master Striker, though, must be given up for Power Boom. This gives her more of a chance to have pure energy sprout outwards from her with an attack, making enemies all around her get knocked back and stunned. Earwig still has balanced durability, damage and speed, just in a different way.

Thornbug Archer: Thornbug is a mighty archer, coming from the lands of outside. Her clan enslaved by the scorpions, she joins the bug heroes in order to defeat the scorpions. her starter weapon is shortbow, then longbow, then composite bow. her arrows have about the same effect as spiders swords, and can kill a flea in 2 hits. she is small, but is armored like ladybug,and does slight damage to any enemy that attacks her from behind due to her thorns. she has a series of offensive abilities, such as arrow rain, bigger arrowheads, Poisoned arrows, firecracker, faster arrows, peircing arrows, and flaming arrows. her alternate is Cicada. Her level up abilities would be health, Thorns,the ability to slightly damage attacking bugs, snipe, the ability to kill a bug from long range, and fire rate. She also has an ability to change her weapon from a bow, to a cleaver, that does massive damage. By crazynerd.

Scorpio Rebel: He was an elite scorpion minion who decided to join the right side...the Bug Heroes! Luckily, he made it out of the scorpions' base alive and had quickly found the Bug Heroes. He is extremely powerful, with 800 health and great armour, a killer attack and great speed for his size and weight. The only problem, which may annoy a lot of people, is that his attacks are ver slow. When I say that, I mean SLOW. He attacks every 5 seconds, with a long animation before actually doing damage. He also has very short range and AoE, so be skilled at aiming. Otherwise, he can actually get killed easily and you may need to swap with another hero to clear up. His level-up skills are Health (increases max by 50 and heals by 100), Speed, Armour and a special skill: Poison. This increases the chance of using his tail instead of his claws, poisoning whoever he attacked. The poisoned ones get slowed and damaged over time, much like the enemy scorpions' poison.

Scorpio's Alt: Crab Master! -- Crab wants to end the fight quickly, so logically gives up Poison with Quick Killer (increases speed of attacks). His stubby little legs fail at speed, so he gives it up for Faith. He has a strong connection with water (for obvious reasons), so that's what he gets.

{C {C {C}{C {C Silverfish Necromancer: The silverfish are the lesser known for both bugs and gods alike. This is because they lurk in the darkest, dampest places, like wardroabes. This is perfect for them to work their unique, yet horrifc magic. Silverfish is an elite necromancer, who uses samurai swords in the peak of battle. His dark abilities include being able to reanimate dead heroes and other allies to fungus zombies. Lightly armoured, this guy can only take little beating and is slow. But, those swords can do a quick kill before the enemy even fights back. Health (max by 50 and heals by 100), Speed, Assassinate and Dark Powers (increases the chance of turning a killed enemy into an allied fungus zombie) are all there for him to increase in levelling up. 400 health, Termite's speed, 50 damage, pierces all armour, attacks every second and has no armour! By Yannis

Darkling Beetle, Alt: Bombardier beetle! The Darkling beetles and Bombardiers have but one killing method. Their rear ends. The Darkling beetle can shoot poison at enemy's with it's bum and the bombardier uses acid. They both come from the beetle clan, and their identities are never truly revealed...

Their best bug to fight them against are fleas.

Millipede Feaster: He is a millipede that smashes his foes using his "tail". He has really good speed, Ladybug's defense and medium to high attack. Also like Ant and termite he is a builder but builds turrets to protect food. His abilities are: 1) Food Turret - Pay 200 coins to place a turret somewhere.All food in the level get suked up in that turret. When you walk over the turret you get all the food it has collected and then it disapears. When it disapears the cooldown start so you can build another 1. 90 second cooldown. 2) Food shield - choose somewhere in the whole level to place the shield. All food in it can not dissapear! 60 second cooldown. Millipede has 780 health and has regeneration, theft, blowback( increases the chan of throwin back an enemie when hitting him), Speed, Workmanship. By Yiannis

Millipede's Alt: Dragonfly Chomper! -- This dragonfly takes on his relatives' taste for food...which is obvious since food is the thing you usually taste.He is quite different to Millipede, keeping only Speed and Feast. With the precision aiming of dragonfly wings, this guy can use Parry to dodge enemies. Instead of knocking back, he uses masterful thinking and has Workmanship to increase his "food turrets'" time they last. He does lose his armour and starts with only 500 health. So...he's a smart li'l chap who's always on the move, yet can't stand doing some hardcore fighting. By K-leb25

Greensneakysnake's Version: Dragonfly archer- This bug is a hybrid of fly and stickbug (in skills). Dragonfly would have arrows that can be equipted like stickbugs staffs. He would start of with a piercing arrows that he fires every 2 seconds and has medium damage. After that, he could get a stun arrow, a poison arrow, and an explosive arrow. His abilities would relate with archery and here are some ideas: 1. arrow aim- he has a bigger sight range and does slightly more damage. 2. fast fingers- dragonfly shoots his arrows twice as fast, but he can only use regular arrows and they don't pierce. 3. rain of arrows- shoots arrows over the entire map(like asteroid field. 4. ranger danger- he shoots three arrows instead of one for a short while and increases armor. 5. Arrow hurricane- shoots arrow in every direction(like spinning shot). Dragonfly would have health, speed, lucky shot and take aim. His alt would be a firefly with health, speed, regen, and sharpshooter(chance to have a crtitical).

{C Green Ant Native: This native of the yards uses numerous primitive tools to finish the enemies. To help, he rides a tamed beetle, giving him good defence and good speed. With his armour piercing spear, he can hit enemies below, but otherwise has a very short range. Once his health has gone below half, he loses his Beetle, becoming very useless and losing the armour. With 680 health, that can happen quickly. He has Health (+30, heals 60), Speed, Combat Armour (greatly increases melee armour) and Swing (increases AoE of attacks). By Yiannis.

{C Sniper assassin bug:preferring to take out her enemies from afar unlike her brothers. She carries a musket which can be upgraded to a bolt action rifle then to a hi-tech rifle.Each upgrade also increases her line of sight.Her bullets can pierce through both armor and bugs. Her level-up skills are: take aim, static discharge,health and a new ability retreat: every time she is hit and her life is under 100 there is a chance that she will be teleported back to the base and healed for 25. Higher levels increase chance and amount of heal. Her abilities and equipment include: scope: increases line of sight and when used in battle greatly increases chance of a critical strike, flash bang: a teleporting skill which also stuns and slows down bugs near her and hologram: she throws a hologram somewhere around here which does half her damage and lures bugs away from her. {C The downsides of using her is that's she's slow,very fragile and has a slow rate of fire. Created by Tehnoob249

ex-slaves:a few slaves that the group rescued a time ago.there weapon is 3 hand gun(they looks like army fleas ,but with 3 in one group)they are quite useless unless you can afford the bill: 1.sniping rifle:perfect for ranged style 2.heavy machine gun:unleash hell but takes time to reload 3.gun armor:really unleash hell!act like 3 gun bug skills: 1.teamwork:decreas reload time. 2.speed 3.regen 4.take aim others ability(exc 3 equippable weapons above): 1.number=power:spawn a machine gun báe friendly,have 250 hp,100 sec,500$ (thats the least i can think of,please edit add in more info )

{C Water Strider (Written by thebughero234): prefers using a ranged water cannon which upgrades from water gun, to water blaster, to water cannon. Each upgrade increases fire rate. The water can push back and damage many bugs. Her level up skills are health (increases max by 80 and heals by 70), soak (increases the knockback of her water blasts), speed (increases speed), and backblast (same as Beetle's stun). Some abilities are Water Sprint (much like Assassin Cut and Stampede combined), Rainstorm (much like Earthquake Jump for 5 seconds), and tsunami (she shoots a wave of water that knocks back, damages heavily, and stuns for 8 seconds all enemies that come in contact with the wave).

Poison Bug(Stinkbug): This is a stinkbug who's turned to the good side. Instead of relying on a ring of poison to damage enemies, poison bug will use a poison rifle that shoots out a stream of the poison. This could then be upgraded to a poison shotgun, which gives a wider angle of fire, and then a poison bazooka, which will be able to knock back enemies. His level up skills are regeneration, poison(increases the time an enemy will be poisoned by his gun), speed, and splash(increases the chance that a puddle of poison will appear where his poison hits an enemy). Some of his abilities should be poison aura(makes a temporary poison aura around him, like enemy stinkbugs), poison turret(a turret that he throws which shoot out a stream of poison at nearby enemies), toxic sludge(stink bug pulls out a bucket of toxic sludge and splashes it everywhere), and poison claws(a melee weapon for him that knocksback enemies, increases his speed, and poisons for the cost of taking more damage.) Stinkbug will not be poisoned immediately by poison. He will have to be in contact with the poison for a couple of secongs for the poison to take effect. By Thabug.

Dung Beetle: Good news, Beetle, you're not the only beetle left! This low-rise bug uses a firearm(sniper, then shotgun, then bazooka) that shoots out dung. Each weapon upgrade increases the damage and angle of fire and decreases the reload time. His skills are regeneration, armor, speed, and flaming dung(increases the chance that the dung fired out will be on fire, burning the bugs that it hits). Some of his abilities should be dung bomb(a bomb that stuns, slows, damages, knocks back, and burns enemies in a close radius after a short delay), sticky situation(Dung Beetle splashes some dung around, forming a temporary puddle that slows and has a chance to poison and stun bugs that walk over it), roll out(when activated, Dung Beetle will burrow into a ball of dung. You can roll around, stunning, damaging, and knocking back enemies, but you cannot use your gun. You will move slower but have more armor.), and bayonet(equips/deequips a bayonet that you can use as a melee weapon). By Thabug.

Cricket Bard: The Cricket is a lone wanderer who home was destroyed by a fire. He uses a harp (silver harp, gold harp, diamond harp) which shoots out highly disruptive music notes. Each weapon upgrade increases the damage, amount of notes fired, and chance of converting the enemy hit. His upgrade abilities are Speed, Regeneration, Stun and Conversion (same as Kosh Bug's Confusion - increases chance to convert enemies). Some of his abilities are Song of Joy (speeds up, knockback goes up and Cricket renerates faster), Echo (while equipped, his music notes bounce off walls. When used, each bounce creates an explosion), Supersonic (stuns enemies in a large area with knockback) and Ode to Glory (instantly heals 30 health and increases damage and chance to convert). By JadEarth

Ant Warrior: Ant you find a cousin!(Because Ant mentioned that '(he is one of the survivors of the ant clan) This warrior had been executed by the Spider Clan long ago. Revived by the man gods, he seeks out vengeance. This warrior has no support abilities but he has dozens of offensive abilities. He is also built to tank damage. He wields a large hairpin (Paperclip/mace) like ladybug's. He has slightly lower speed than ant ,has the damage of spider and armor of beetle. His upgrade abilities are, Health, Speed, Armor and Damage.Some abilities are merry-go-round where the warrior spins around with his weapons dealing damage to bugs around him it cost $80. He also has a teleport and damage ability which is called flash. This ability if used behind an enemy bug, The warrior will assasinate it. This ability cost $200. He also has boomerang ability. This warrior throws his weapon at the designated enemy and comes back dealing twice the damage to the bug. This ability cost $750. This bug is created by darren1998s.

Hungry Bug: Well, one of those annoying hungry bugs decided to join the bug heroes! He looks like the hungry bugs, but he is a bit bigger than them. His attack is spinning around, which has high knockback and medium damage. He also has great ranged armor, yet no melee armor. He's very slow (a bit slower than termite), and his attacks are fast. His attacks can even knockback giant grubs easily. He starts with a breakfast fork and knife. Second weapon is dinner for and knife, and the last upgrade is double bread daggers. Each upgrade increases the attack range(or AoE), damage and a bit knockback. He starts with 680 health (on easy), and his level-up skills are: Health (increases max by 30, heals 60), Ranged Armor (greatly decreases the damage taken from ranged attacks), Static Discharge, and Stun. So he's a great crowd-controller with high knockback. By Tunafish 123

Weaver: What, another traitor spider has joined? Weaver, originating from the lands of Clearing, is a speedy Crab Spider. This swift assassin wields dual Butterfly Swords. He prefers swift, clean stabs that are much faster than Spider's attack speed, but they're also less powerful. Using his unorthodox walking style as an advantage, he covered his abdomen with armor so that he can strafe towards the enemy without taking much damage. He starts with 580 HP, and his level-up upgrades are Health (heals by 80, increases by 40), Proficiency (increases overall damage and attack speed), Hardened Shell, and Razor Edge (increases a little of both damage and critical chances). He doesn't need speed because he is already 3/4 the speed of a fully upgraded Spider. Like Ladybug, he is capable of withstanding a lot of damage (if used correctly) and dealing quick damage, but is leaning more on the damage side. Upgrading his Butterfly Swords changes to Dual Falcatas, then finally Dual Flamberges. As you can tell, he really likes curvy blades! Some of his abilities should be Funnel Web (a hole-like web with a ravenous friendly in it that eats up to 5 small enemies) and Dew Web (a wall-shaped web covered in water droplets that slows any bug that goes through it). By Antispec

Hornet Sharpshooter: A huge and formidable sight, the hornet wields six identical rapid-fire guns that deal heavy damage (with MP7s, it is 0.8 times of spider's, but without critical hits). Just like spider, hornet was once an assasin for the scorpions but decided to switch to the good side. Extremely accurate and fast, this bug is ideal for those who prefer heroes that deal incredible damage but want an alternative to melee weapons. One can upgrade his UZIs to FN P90s and finally to MP7s (apologies to those gun experts who do not agree with the following sentence). His weapons can pierce armour and have very long range and firing rate (about ant's rifle, just slightly faster). Like fly and mosquito, hornet can fly over obstacles such as poison or snare webs. However, to compensate for his massive damage and advantages, he has no armour and his weapon upgrades only increase damage and not firing rate (again, apologies to gun experts). He also cannot damage enemies that are too near. His level up skills are Health (600, adds 50 and heals 100), Marksman (increases chance to deal 2x damage to enemies for 5 seconds), Bug Buzz (increases chance to knock back and lightly stun, but not damage, melee enemies) and Guts (increases chance to increase damage by 10% per kill when health is under 30%). Some of his skills should include Primal Fury (heals 30 hp per kill for 50 seconds, 100 second cooldown) and Massacre (uses six identical swords that deal heavy amour piercing damage and savagely slash 6 times at a single target, then do a cross-slash that knocks back and stuns all enemies in front of hornet.100 second cooldown. Note: swords are only for the skill and are not for equipping). It is the largest hero in the game. By Win Tune.

Hornet Sharpshooter's Alternate......Bullet Ant: A big, mean ant who specialises in advanced weaponry. He is the only hero that has different weapons from his alternate skin. Just like the cockroaches, Bullet is a business bug and will not take sides unless he is paid well. Although Ant feels relieved and hopeful to have a fellow ant by his side, Bullet is unhappy as the war seems endless and unnecessary to him. He wields a pair of Nanotech Handguns, which upgrades to Nanotech Rifles, and these upgrade to Nanotech Gattlers. Although he does not deal as much damage as Hornet, he is very useful at taking out big bugs as his skills are all offensive. His handguns fire in a random spread, just like Fly, but the firing rate is about Ant's Rifle and does not pierce armour. Upgrade to improve accuracy,firing rate, range and damage. The final upgrade pierces armour, is as accurate as Hornet, as fast as Ant's Minigun and does the same damage as Hornet's FN P90s. However, the weapons knock Bullet back slightly (slide backwards) with every shot as they are far too powerful. With Nanotech Gattlers, the player should beware of things behind Bullet and not get him into unnecessary trouble. As the load of the guns are too great for a single ant to move quickly, Bullet is not very fast, and neither can he go faster with 'speed'. Hence, he replaces Bug Buzz with Reflex Boost--increases speed with every kill until you switch heroes or if you reach 80 kills(fully upgraded). Since Bullet already has high health (700) and good armour, he does not need 'Health' that much and replaces it with a lucky shot

Regenade firefly

Deciding that a life of slavery and brain washing was a terrible one, Firefly betrayed the scorpian generals and became a pyronamic hero . His skills are: molatov: throws a grenade that sets enemies on fire rocket jump: can move to another place on the map and last but not least napalm : makes all shots flammable.

Robber fly cavalry captain.......this bug hero specialises in giving a helping hand,his primary weapon is a mini gun and it inflicts 4 damage. He can also call in backup using his call in the cavalry ability,as well as calling in back up he can also bomb the enemy using his strategic bombing ability. His last two attacks are traitor which allows him to take control of an enemy flea or ant and mine field where he can set mines,due to his powerful attacks he has very low health around 400

Gardenbug Shaman: Specializes in placing totems around the battlefield. The totems generate auras around them or serve as mini turrets. He can either go full tank with his armor totem his, invincibility totem and his food generator totem turret or play offensive with his time-bomb totem bomb, damage totem and laser totem turret. He starts of with 1000 health, a melee attack every 2 seconds, Beetle's speed, Ladybug's armor and Mantis's damage. His level up stats are Regeneration Totem ( Greatly increases health regen while near a totem), Speed Totem (greatly increases speed while near a totem), Totem Aura (increases the boosts given by totems) and finally Totem Damage (Greatly Increases damage dealt while in the range of totems and slightly increases the damage the totems deal. By Yannis

scorpidiant: One of the strongest bugs of the game. Starts off with three weapons.


Scorch turret: This turret creates a heat wave around the base and damages enemies in the area(Small chance to stun). Upgrade to increase damage, area of heat wave and chance of stunning enemies. Costs 450, then 700, 1000, 1250, 1500.

Nail Turret: This turret has has a normal range and shoots only every 5 seconds. Though it has a limited range and a slow reload time, the nail turret can pierce through enemy armor and deal heavy damage. It costs 400, then 800, 1200, 1500 and finally 2000

Hive Turret: This turret spawns various honeybees that range in damage, heal rate, and defending strength. Costs 500. By Hydrosparky.

Plasma Turret: Fires a giant plasma bullet every 5 seconds, which does incredible damage (100) and is super-quick. It pierces all armour, yet costs 750 to build. To upgrade, it costs 1000, then 1200, then 1500, then 1800 and finally, 2000. It also turns quickly, yet has low range, unlike Sniper Turrets. By K-leb25.

Booster Turret: This turret increases the firing speed of other all other direct-damage turrets. It costs 400 to build. To upgrade, it costs 400, then 500, then 750, then 1000 and finally, 1500. It looks like a rolling tape. By K-leb25

Web Turret : This turrets costs 500 to build and shoots webs. All enemies that step on the webs get slowed and poisoned. A level 5 Web Turret also stuns all enemies that step on it for 5 seconds. Also it shoots 1 web every 15 seconds, and each web disappears after 20 seconds. By Yiannis

Antispec's Version: Ink Turret: It's basically the same as Yiannis' Web Turret but with different visuals. It splatters black/blue/red ink (similar to slug slime). Any bug that steps on it becomes tinted to the ink's color and is slowed/poisoned for 5 seconds. It also fires faster than the Web Turret , firing ink globs once every 3 seconds, but they disappear after 5 seconds. (Note: Since ink is identical to slug slime, the AoE compared to Snare Webs is somewhat smaller.)

Grub Poison Turret: This turret periodically creates yellow, big slimes around the base. And every kind of grub who walks over it, immediately dies. Every slime dissapears in 25 seconds. The turret costs 500$ and upgrades: first 600, then 800, 1000, 1200 and finally 1500. Upgrading incrases the rate of creating the slime.(Lvl 0: per 90 seconds, lvl 1: per 70 seconds, level 2: per 1 minute, level 3: per 50 seconds, level 4: per 40 seconds, level 5: per 30 seconds.) So this turret is very useful for massive grub attacks. A level 5 turret also damages the siege maggots a bit. Also more than 1 poison turret means more slime and it'll be more useful. By tuna fish123

Radiation Turret: Costs 800$ and cannot upgraded. It takes 20 seconds to arm. When activated, it will create radiation waves around your base. And it kills EVERY bug immediately does who enter the radiation area. So no one can even get close to your food. You can forget about defending your base. But there is a problem: the radiation even effects your heroes! So when the turret is activated, you cannot go to your base. It automaticly dissapears after 3 rounds. (5 minutes) So you can't feed your heroes and upgrade your other base turrets when this turret is working. It takes 20 seconds to arm, so you have 20 seconds to leave your base when you build this. By tuna fish123

Disease Turret: Costs $1000 to build. Slowly fires a cocoon-like grenade (in a similar fashion to the Cockroach's; slowly arcing in the air) that creates a small poison cloud that lingers for a few seconds when it contacts the ground. It only targets siege bugs, and even though it usually doesn't hit the bug targeted, it has a special ability: if a siege bug touches the cloud, it becomes "diseased", which only affects siege bugs. Diseased is mostly like being slowed and poisoned, but is contagious and spreads to nearby siege bugs. The disease only spreads to 10 siege bugs (to prevent mass plagues, which would be cheap.) For those who don't know, siege bugs are the ones who go after your stash. By Antispec

Missile Turret: Costs $500 to build. Every 10 Seconds, It fires a guided missile which automatically targets the enemy with the highest HP. Each missile deals 500HP. Upgrades increase damage and blast radius. A level 5 turret shoots every 5 seconds. By Prism34

Pulse Turret: Costs $800 to build, then $1000, $1100, $1250, $1300, and finally $1800 to upgrade. Similar looking to a radio tower, it periodically fires a short ranged, dome-shaped blast of energy that pushes back small to medium sized enemies every 15 seconds. It only stuns the large enemies, such as the mighty Centipedes, for a split-second. Upgrading it will increase the range of the energy dome and slightly speeds up the fire time. By Antispec

Galvan Turret: Costs $1000 to build, then $1000, $1050, $1100, $1200, and finally $1500 to upgrade. Fires a continuous electrical bolt towards the closest enemy in it's range, and doesn't stop shocking the enemy until it falls. Deals 3 damage per second in it's initial form, and negates all armor, and also has a VERY small chance of stunning per hit. Looks like a smashed incandescent lightbulb with some of the glass still intact, but it can swivel to face the enemy with the broken side. Upgrading it will increase DPS by 0.4, turning time, and range; on the final upgrade, the bolt chains to 1 more enemy that's still in range of the Turret. *CAN'T BE FURTHER UPGRADED BY OTHER TURRETS. By Antispec

Toxic Grenade Turret: Costs $600 to build, and $200 more ($800, $1000, etc) to upgrade. This turret can be rather slow, but powerful. It launches a radom number of toxic grenades (maximum 6) at enemies when they come within range. These grenades spew toxic gas that spread over a wide area (almost 1/5 of the map per grenade)which last 20 seconds per grenade. Enemies who walk into the gas are slowed down, stunned for a few seconds and poisoned (twice as powerful as spider's poison). Enemies cannot spot your heroes in the gas and is useful for sneaking up on enemies. However, it reloads really slowly and the next few grenades will only be ready after 50 seconds. Upgrade to increase period of time stunned, damage of poison, range, and decrease reloading time. By Win Tune

Spawn Turret:Costs $1000, it constantly spawns small weak soldiers that fight for you. some are ranged units, while others are melee. occasionally, the turret will spawn a much larger warrior that is stronger. by crazynerd.

Last Resort Turret: Costs $3000 and cannot be upgraded. All it does is, if a bug eats your food and you would loose the game, it self destructs knocking back all bugs and giving 1 food to the food stash. All other turrets gain x2 range and x3 power for 10 sec. By Yannis

Turret maker: costs $600 and it spawns a turret every minute it can be upgraded ( upgrade 1 $400 decreased time/turret range, upgrade 2 $500 spawns in a bomb turret ( any bug that touches the bomb turret will knock back and deal enough damage to kill a snail ) upgrade 3 $200 piercing bullets or poison bullets also self destruct effect) this will constantly spawn turrets until the food stash is below 2 bars. This turret will constantly spawn turrets(13-25 bomb turrets)

Money turret: costs $400 this will spawn rock every 10 seconds. You can destroy the rocks to obtain money but it depends on there size. (size 1 will give you $50, size 2 will give you $100, size 3 will give you $150) This turret can not be upgraded


Ant Royals: Members of the most powerful royal ant family, these feared warriors lead their lesser bretheranan into battle.Highly trained elite ants that large Heavily armored and spawn little ant groups of 3-6. These Titans are three times as large as the regular ant, and pack quite the punch to show for it. By Heylookoverthere.

Flea shield: A flea that has been trained by other fleas. Even thought he is slow and does little damage he can block any projectiles with his shield. (This flea does not have a lot of armor) By: christopheraxledechavez120

Flea elite: A flea that is very similar to the armor bug. He has very high armor and attack. But he does not have a screw he has a blade like object like the spiders blade.

Flea sergeant: A flea that has high armor and has a Uzi that has the firepower of the pill bug. This bug will increase the health to nearby fleas. Also it will heal nearby fleas to.

Flea lancer:An armored, mounted Flea carrying a huge pencil lance. Though they must first take time to acquire a target, once they do they will unleash a devastating charge attack capable lf dealing massive damage and piercing through armor.

Black slug: A variation of slug that launches black slime. Black slime slows units, and prevents heroes form using abilities.

War slug:The most feared of all slugs, The War Slug is a powerful melee fighter, with heavy armor plating. Additionally, they leave poison goo puddles wherever they go.

Shooter snail: Snails that are equipped with dual machine guns. Take cover until they are reloading, then strike!

Armor snail: As if regular Snail shells weren't armor enough. Armor Snails have thick metal plates as well, making them very difficult to take down.

Bulb snail:

Bulb Snails will charge up and unleash a devestating, blinding flash. If too close when the flash is emitted, units will not only be blinded, but temporarily stunned, and have their fighting capabilities reduced for a time, causing them to deal less damage.

Wrangler cricket: An annoying deaf cricket. This cricket will shoot out beams of sound once they touch you it will lower your health by 3 bars and will mute your game. Once the sound successfully passes through your body you will get stunned. These bugs will hop slowly because of the megaphone attached to half of his body. By christopheraxledechavez120

Leeches:having crawled up from the dark pools of the swamp, leeches will stop at nothing to attach and suck the life from your hero. They spawn in groups of 3-4, and are slightly resistant to MG fire. As they suck the life from your hero, they slowly replenish there own health! There health and armor is equivalent to an ants, and about half as fast a baby spider. By crazynerd.

Tesla Bomber: Cockroaches with their explosive bombs are already bad. But now, you could say that it's just a lucky thing they spawned. With these Tesla Bombers, you're just doomed. They shoot out a bomb that when in direct contact, deals massive damage but when it hits the floor, it find the closest hero within range and shocks the hero leaving it stunned, knock-backed and damaged. If you're near the base and one of these things shoots out and attacks you, your base is damaged by 150. These things have the same stats of Cockroaches.

Beast jouster Ant: Just an Ant riding a Spider Beast, equipped with two short-ranged porta turret a combination of Spider and Ant would be a great way to kill it. It has only 600 health and has not much armor but deals medium-heavy damage while being fast. It's a melee attacker(The Beast and Ant themselves) and a ranged attacker(The porta-turrets).

Spiked Gun Bug: Just another thing you should fear about Fleas...oh wait a second, those are Spiders... Just a ranged attacking Spider only Ant could kill with no damage landed on him.

Giant Ant: It's not a giant ant, it's an extra armor for a whole horde of ants. The ants in it will spawn 5 new ants every 10 seconds and will use plasma cannons to attack every 10 seconds, not to mention a howitzer on both sides. It would try to get to the Bug Hero's base to eat 50 food every 3 seconds. Defeating it the giant ant will bring the horde of ants out. The giant ant has a health of 1000 and has an armor like beetle. It's very slow which gives you enough time to defeat it before its too late. It's still the nightmare of ant and beetle if they don't have armor piercing attacks.

Launching Locusts: These are medium-sized enemies with alright durability. But be careful--before you even see them, they can spring off and try to land on you, knocking you back and stunning you for 3 seconds. They're aim, though, is atrocious! By K-leb25.

Starving Bug: Another reason to fear the hungry bug! The hungry bug's evolution!!! When a hungry bug goes for too long without hitting you or dying, It turns into a berzerk, unstoppable bug that zooms around the map trying to hit you. No matter, however, because they will die in fifteen seconds, so you can escape it's wrath with speed or abilities. Ideabug.

Moth Jousters: These Moth knights on Caterpillar-back only spawn at night and they wield large sticks made for knocking you right over. Their initial speed is slow, thanks to the caterpillars, but once you're in sight, the caterpillars somehow charge at you with fast speed, while the Moths ready their sticks. If they charge into you, you'll be damaged by 30 and heavily knocked back. If there's a crowd of these dudes, you'll end up in a bumper car field! They have 250 health and have some armour. By K-leb25.

Mad Moths: These flying priests of the night have succumb to overwhelming power allowing their spirits to be possessed by dark things...Though they only appear at night, they'll quickly fly around in random areas, while doing a crazy animation. Once they see you, they'll rise up in the air and fire bolts of spirits at you, destroying themselves in the process. Kill them before they do this, as the damage will do 75 damage, pierce all armour and slow for 5 seconds, as well as being near impossible to dodge. They only have 100 health and no armour, so killing them will be a deed done good with Spider, Ladybug or Stickbug. Just be extremely aware. By K-leb25

Rain bug: They cast "magical" spells that makes it rain and creates quickmud. The more damage it takes, the muddier it will get. If you stay in quickmud too long, you will be very slow. However, rain bugs are hard to kill and blasts you with streams of water if you get close. WRITTEN By Ideabug.

Antlion: These patient bugs with 150 HP are almost just like Devourers, except they don't reduce the time for food to decay. Instead, they have a ditch of sand surrounding them, pulling the Bug Heroes towards them, in which they strike, dealing 30 dmg. When they spawn, they imitate a few crumbs of food (it's always the same type they imitate); only when a hungry Hero looking for food steps into their hole, they come out of the ground. They still can be struck when in the ground, however. By Antispec

Earwig Assassin: Earwigs, packed with 300 HP and some armor, are obviously capable of pinching the heroes. Unlike other enemies, however, they're not stupid enough to go for the turret-packed stash food. Instead, they eat any piles of food within their vision, healing them. They usually attack the heroes first, but if they spot some food, they'll start ignoring the fight, even if they have full health. Take these out if you want to have some lunch. By Antispec

Scorpion Spawning Machine: This machine will periodically spawn 5 small scorpions per 20 seconds. And if you don't kill the scorpions in 1 minute which spawned by this machine, they will grown up to big scorpions! This machine has got 2500 HP and a heavy metal armor specially for machine gun fire, and it cannot move. By tuna fish123 (sorry for broken english)

Collector Ants: These ants are not fighting, they're collecting food for their colony. They're fast and they will only go after your food. They have 120 health and they only attack in massive groups. So they can become a problem easily. But before they attack, you will see only one of them around your food stash,(this is group leader and it's even faster then others) when you see this first one, kill it as quick as possible! If you can't kill it in seconds, it will run away and a massive group will attack to your food stash in few seconds. If you can kill it, they will not come. Ant's howitzer ability may be useful for killing this group leader before it runs away. These ants are also picking up your food like crazy, just one of them picks 25 food very fast, so a huge group will be a huge problem. They will retreat quickly after picking 25 food. You will only face these ants in very high waves. By tuna fish123 (sorry for broken english :S)

Toad King: 50 HP. Remember the old bug legend: Vampire Bugs sold their soul to gain more power? Well these guys are the cause of them being freakishly mutated (as shown in BHQ.) When one spawns, the whole place becomes extremely foggy except around the hero, where the lantern-holding bug comes in. In the fog, vampire bugs spawn more than they usually do, even if its day or night, and no other bugs will spawn. Toad Kings are easily defeated by a few attacks, and the only way of locating them is their deep croaking and glowing yellow eyes. If you come near one of them, you only have 10 seconds to fend off the Vampire Bugs and kill the Toad King before it hops to a random place. If killed, all Vampire Bugs will burn to a crisp, and it is automatically day again, regardless of what time of day it was before it spawned. (Toad Kings have the spawn rate of a Centipede, but only one can spawn at a time.)

Butterfly Launcher: Packed with 100 HP, these stubborn winged artillery bugs can't do any damage by themself. To compensate for this, they can take their own wing powder into small clumps and fire them at the heroes, impairing their vision. They don't move very fast (because of their damaged wings), but can fly, like the Gnats/Fireflies. If it hits, the dust can temporarily decrease the field of vision (for Ant wearing the Goggles, it negates the effect). By Antispec

Suiside bomber: A bundle of cockroaches that follow you until he/she explodes. This cockroach is suffering depression and tried to commit suside many times. though this time for sure he will. He hated you to. He is faster than any bug in the game. He/she instantly explodes once he reaches you.

Small tick: A small tick is a tick spawned from his father the giant tick. This tick will latch on to you. They spawn in, in groups. Once they latch on to you they will do half a bar of health but they cant grip on for long ( they latch off in 5 seconds) kill them fast before they latch on you again

Flea Roller: 125 HP. Another technological advance in flea science. Small but armored, these melee attackers utilize their iron ball to roll around, gradually increasing speed and damage (but they turn somewhat slowly). Once they spawn, they start rolling until they hit either a wall or a hero, resetting the speed. If they crash into a hero head on at a sufficient speed, they will cause heavy knockback (unless the hero has a good amount of armor) and heavy, but not armor piercing damage. They can be easily attacked at the sides or back while still racking up speed. They look somewhat like Gun Balls but with some spinning rings instead of guns, and an eye visor instead of eyes. By Antispec

Lobster Mercenary: These large brutes can be a constant cause for misfortune. They are similar to Crabs, only that they are faster but have significantly less armour. If you are hit by one of it's claws then you could be stunned for a few seconds. Spider is best suited for taking out these tanks. By Prism34

Army Shrimps: These agile but weakly armoured pests wield a high-powered rifle which knock back and stun heroes. However, they can easily be dispatched by any hero as they only have 75 HP each. By Prism34

Barnacles: Basically, they are walking mines. Only moving when your back is turned, a large swarm of barnacles can easily wear out a hero. Fortunately, they only have 50 HP so these can easily be rid of with Ant's Machine Gun. By Prism34

Bombardier Beetle: These volatile beetle defects can call upon the great power of science, using their own body as a mixer. By combining chemicals stored in their abdomen, they're able to fire bolts of a noxious spray in bursts of 3. The bolts, if they make contact, pass on a unique effect: it lowers your armor everytime it hits, and if you no longer have armor, you become poisoned! (Lasts 15 seconds after the last time you get hit.) They're also quite armored themselves, packing 200 HP with 1 melee armor. Good luck tackling these with Beetle or any other tank-ish heroes. By Antispec

Triton Snail: Snails never do give up do they? This dangerous snail trades a little defense for speed, but retains the nasty bite! This snail's great horned shell also damages any hero attacking from behind, similarly to spike bugs. Thats not all; this snail also can fire slug slime at you if you're too far away to be chased! Triton Snails count as a miniboss, too: when it spawns, it's announced at the top of the screen. 850 HP, 2 ranged armor. Only one can be in stage from rounds 1-30, then 2 can spawn at the same time. By Antispec

Feeder: Although small, these ants were horribly bonded to hot aluminum, making them fast yet silvery and armored. Damage to them is always fixed to 1, making quick-firing weapons a must, except they only have 6 HP. How these ants got their name is from their mission: to feed the more powerful enemy bugs and increase their health. They speed up to the food stash, take 10 food away, dash away, then heal the closest medium to big sized enemy they can find for 20 HP. After that, they linger around for 3 seconds, then proceed to rush towards the base again. By Antispec

Hornet Marksman: Very fast and deadly opponents on the scorpions' side, Hornet Snipers are sent to punish potentail traitors and to hunt down and kill Hornet, the hero. However, they will also kill any hero that stands in their way. They are much like the flea sniper team, except they are far more durable (500 health), fast reloading and speedy. Their bullets can pierce armour and do heavy damage.They are unaffected by land obstacles. By Win Tune

Hornet Swordsman: Trained as assasins since birth, these hornets were once Hornet's (hero) friends. However, ever since he betrayed them, they have been tracking him down, intent on killing him. They are very fast (almost as fast as flea warriors) and durable (400 health), with swords that cut through armour. They are unaffected by land obstacles. By Win Tune

Hornet Master: The supreme leaders of a clan of hornets, these extremely durable (2500 health) bugs move more slowly than its inferior hornet minions. However, its powerful twin blades (armour piercing) more than make up for it by instantly flashing out at heroes who get too close, dealing very heavy damage and knocking them back. These beasts can spawn three hornets every 20 seconds, so quickly take it out with long ranged weapons or bombs before you are overwhelmed! 7 melee armour. Unaffected by land obstacles. By Win Tune

Leaf Cutter Ant: Alone, they are not much of a threat, although it is impossible to damage more than one of them at once. They do not attack your hero, but are extremely fast (faster than flea warrior) and have 30 health. A whole group of them will spawn along with their base (a large teepee made of leaves) and proceed to collect food that are lying around. If there are no food, they will attack your food stash. Each of them steals 10 food. For what, you might wonder? Well, they need food for the work they are completing! Leaf cutter ants are extremely good engineers, and might even be better than the red ants. If their base is left alone for 3 rounds, they will create a war machine! (BOSS) By Win Tune.

Leaf Cutter Ant Base: The site at which leaf cutter ants build their near-indestructible war machine. They cannot be destroyed as it is repaired repeatedly, but giving it a few good whacks or shots can greatly decrease the time taken for their war machine to be complete. Once a base appears, it doesn't leave the map until 15 rounds are up, and neither do the ants stop spawning. However, only one base can appear at any one time: it is only at round 50+ do you get to deal with two bases at once. They appear at the corner furthest from your food stash. By Win Tune.

Army worm: Worm's clan was brainwashed to fight for the scorpions. These ranged specialists throw grenades at your hero and explode on impact. These grenades have a slight chance to explode poisoning fumes and when melee heroes attack (only) worms they explode damaging the hero. ranged heroes are suited for taking down the worms. By Inferno

(BOSS) GIANT TICK: A large tick that will constantly spawn small ticks to attack your heroes. He will head straight to your food stash constantly eating like the butterfly. He doesn't care if he gets hurt cause he will regen health once he starts eating your food stash. This bug used to attack the gods poisoning them when they bite some succeeded but others died. This tick killed a god. Same thing he will do to you. Once this beast dies he spawns in a lot of small ticks.

(BOSS) Omnax: A large, hooded bug of an unknown species with a dark magic imbued in it's flesh and blood. It can't resurrect bugs like it's fellow Ant Necromancers, but instead it relies on it's own power to annihilate it's enemies. The Omnax is stationary and always spawns with a Shieldbug, it's eternal underling, to protect it from being damaged. As you struggle to destroy the Shieldbug, it constantly throws corrupted elemental spells at you in an attempt to bring you down; each of it's spells do a large amount of damage and has varying patterns to dodge. After taking 200 damage, its hood rips off, revealing a face that looks like multiple bug faces mashed together, with half of it's face in solid aluminum. At that point, it basically starts spamming its spells and summons a low-ranged storm around it that does 3 damage per half second to all melee attackers and is healed for half of the damage the storm does. If ignored for a long enough time, it starts spawning A LOT of minibosses. 450 HP; -1 ranged armor, 1 ranged armor after taking 200 damage ; -3 melee armor, -10 melee armor after 200 damage. By Antispec

(BOSS) Shieldbug: The Shieldbug, always spawning with an Omnax, always faces the Bug Heroes while staying close to prevent any damage being done to it. It has a very high ranged defense of 5, and has a weak armor rating of -5. However, every time you attack the Shieldbug with melee strikes, it releases a fume which takes out a percentage of your health that is twice the percent of HP it took, which makes it a tricky opponent to take down. Other than it's toxic gas, it has no other defenses aside from the Omnax itself. 1000 HP. By Antispec

(BOSS) Master Of Arms (Adventure Mode Exclusive): This boss spawns on round 100 regardless of the level chosen. He stands tall at 5000 health and is immune to all percentage damage. He has 30 melee armor and 20 ranged armor. He starts off with a large blade but every 20 seconds he will switch weapons. the rotation goes as follows: Large Blade (330 dmg), Massive Cannon (540 dmg), Two mini-guns (70 dmg per bullet, 3 bullets per mini-gun per second). Also he will teleport to the player if they have 1000 distance or more and keep doing that until he dies. Upon death there will always be a fish head. He awards $10000 and 1 whole level for each bug, regardless of experience. If a bug is at level 20 this will turn into $1000. By Yannis... A personal apology if this is implemented :P

(BOSS) Scorpion King: The ultimate bug, wearing a kingly crown. With 4000 health and lots of armour, this guy can be so tedious to kill. And with an attack that does 100 damage, he'll be cutting you up in seconds. He still has medium speed, so be hopeful! Mantis' Warrior Blow will be the best counter to king if partnered with another smashing ability. By Yiannis

(BOSS) Android Flea: Another technological revolution has developed by the fleas! This marvel of science is a HEAVILY ARMED, EXTREMELY LARGE FLEA TANK of DEATH! This boss has a very powerful sweeping move, knocking back everything from it's front with one of it's bulky appendages. It only turns around and attacks you if provoked while on the way to your food base. It's 3 sole weaknesses is it's speed and turning time, on par with the Sniper Turret, and it's back is mostly unguarded and takes 2x damage there. If struck enough times on the back, it stops moving, charges up and creates an electrical field around itself, deflecting all attacks, melee or ranged, for 2 seconds. If you provoke it and run a few centimeters with a fast hero, it will start firing 3 killer bullets at you, which are large and sluggish, but always take out 50% of your current hero's HP. Worst of all, this tank goes for your food, having the eating rate of a Centipede! It has 2000 HP, infinite (always takes 1 dmg) ranged armor, and 4 melee armor. By Antispec

War Machine (BOSS) (created by Leaf Cutter Ants): These gigantic robots will utterly deplete your food stash in a single strike if not defeated! Don't worry, they are very slow machines (one step-more like a shuffle-per 10 seconds) and will attack you only if provoked. However, if they do fight back, your hero will be sent flying almost halfway across the map, suffering heavy armour piercing damage and stun. They have infinite ranged armour (receives only 1 damage from ranged weapons) and 50 melee armour. Sneak up behind them to deal damage most effectively, as it has to turn around to attack you and is REALLY SLOW. However, they are usually guarded by a group of Leaf Cutter Ants, which you can only take down individually. It has 3500 health. By Win Tune.


Cloudy Heaven(Adventure): Another day of fog. Beetle has gone missing in the midst of searching for his own village, leaving us with Spider and Ant... Everywhere you see is an unclear piece of... thing(Maps on BH quest won't work.). It's a large map consisting of pond(Without the unknown lurking enemy) and parts of the yard. The most common enemies would be Flea, Giant Spider, Queen Ant, Crab. Somewhat common ones would be, Small Snail, Small Scorpion, Bumblebee, Vampire Bug. Uncommon are Scorpion, Snail, Elephant snail, Grub Siege(Any type). Since food is not very consistent and hard to find, it is still found mostly on the fallen tree branches of the pond and fallen leaves. The base is located in the center of the map. The crabs stay near their homeland, the pond and in the meantime to protect the food that falls on the tree branches.

Pie Crust (Colosseum): an old pie has been left on the ground. What will happen? Bugs will start fighting in it! The pie crust is small, with pastry everywhere as obstacles. There is some pastry that have made a ledge so that you can walk over the pie and fight a bit outside too. It has some enemies not seen in any other coliseum maps, like the Devourer, Hungry Bug and each gnat type. Walking on top of the pie's outer crust (by using the pastry ledges) gains the hero a range bonus, but makes it confusing to aim with a ranged weapon and food doesn't spawn there. By K-leb25.

Outer Tree (Adventure): Set on a tree with giant leaves sprouting out the stump. Walking across the over-lapping leaves can get you higher up the map. Though it is small, it is very high. A unique aspect is that the map starts out at night. This is because this is where the moth enemies hang out. At day, they fight. At night, they run away. The Base is on a large concentration of leaf roots. Moth the Holy Knight and Firefly Lighter both debut on this map. Large enemies (like Centipedes and Scorpions) are very few, since the leaves are lightly built and won't withstand too many bugs. By K-leb25.

Corporate Domination Land (adventure): A corporate workplace where papers come and go from the table. The papers block you sometimes, but the map is mostly flat and bare, except for some holes in the wood that you can exploit. If you look at the background, closely, you might see screaming ladies. Oh, and there's that GEICO gecko who's always talking in a Brit-ish accent (his 15 minute deals can take away 15% of your life). By Ideabug.

Flower (Colosseum): You fight on top of a flower. Most enemies are ants. Also after wave 7 bumblebees start apearing. Also there are 3 slaves that when you save them they work as turrets. Also all bumblebees have a speed bonus when the walk on the center of the flower becouse of the pollen. By Yiannis

Ancient Relic(adventure): The whole map is basicly a huge rock the has ancient egyptcian writting on it. There the only enemies that apear are small scorpions, scorpions, bumblebees and caterpillars. There is bareley any food and it is always guarded by 1 elephant snail and 2 snails. This is the ultimate level so you can test your skills. Also many enemies apear everu round and even on easy you cant bring your heroes back to life. This is the ultimate battle.By Yiannis

Playground (Adventure): An abandoned children's playground obviously infested with different types of insects. There's a sandbox, a slide, and (inaccessible) monkey bars. In the sandbox, most of the food spawns there, but antlions mostly spawn there too. The slide is accessible via small clumps of dirt which act as stairs. Earwigs are the obligatory tanks in this level, which are similar to the Native Beetle Riders. (See the Enemies section of this page.) Other enemies in this map (besides Fleas, Ants, and Centipedes) include Vampire Bugs, Natives, Ladybugs, and Pincer Ants. By Antispec {C {C}{C}{C [[Category:Made-Up Content]

Classroom (Adventure): You're in a school clasroom. This map has a large teacher table and a small student desk connected by a thin bridge. The base is located at corner of the teacher's table. You will find lots of food in the student's desk but this is also the dangerous place. All kinds of ants and fleas and bumblebees are very common on this map. You can see vampire bugs and scorpions at night(only at night). Also if you don't move for 15 seconds, a human will bash you and damage 650HP! So be careful. Before the human being hits you, a giant hand shadow will appear for 2 seconds, so if you have a fast hero and your reflexes are good, you can dodge them. When nights falls,(because of the school closed) these will not happen but you will see lots of scorpions and vampire bugs. Slugs and snails are very rare on this map. But spider beasts and webbers are common. By tuna fish123

Glass Box (Colosseum): You're trapped in a giant glass box by a human! The human periodically throws strong and different kinds of bugs to kill you, and test you. The box is a cube and it doesn't have any things in it. So you're free to move. This is a hard arena, you will face lots of enemies and food is very rare. By tuna fish123

Tide Pool (Colosseum): The tide pool is home to many creatures, from Crabs to Lobsters from Barnacles to Shrimps.The arena is circular and fish heads are the most common food, although food is very rare.Scorpions and Snails are rare, because they cannot survive in the watery terrain. This is best for people who are used to playing the game. By Prism34

King of the Ant Hill (Colosseum): You're in a remote area in Yard, with a very large ant hill in the middle! As a result, many ants will naturally spawn here. The greater ant types will guard the ant hill for one reason only: if you reach the top of the ant hill, friendlies will spawn! A Queen Ant at the top of the hill won't bother doing anything unless provoked, and will start dispatching ants at you. Once you reach the top, you can defend the with the help of your 5 machine-gun friendlies around, but Queen Ants will spawn a little more frequently in a desperate attempt to get back the hill (which they will do if an enemy ant reaches the top, then all Queen Ants will despawn, and the Queen Ant at the top will reappear as you are forcefully knocked back.) Also, while you're in control of the hill, smaller ant hills will form in the grass below and spawn more enemies alongside the Queen Ants; however, the small ant hills (Spawn Tunnels) are able to be destroyed. As the rounds progress, you will have to go for the hill more because of the Vampire Bugs and Bumblebees that will get you if you don't. By Antispec

Glacier (Colosseum): You're stuck on pieces of floating ice that float to different pieces of ice every level. All heroes' speeds are decreased depending on their armor. There is also sometimes snow that can block paths to some places. Food is very scarce and there are new enemies such as ice bugs that freeze you and your weapons. You get colder every round. By Ideabug

Beehive (Adventure):The scorpions have decided to teach the bees a lesson fo failing to produce enough honey for the army! Ant, Beetle and Spider set off to help the bees, hoping to form an alliance, but at the cost of defending the hive for the bees! Alas, disaster strikes... The heroes were separated in the journey and only one of them found the hive! (choose your hero). Honeybee (remove if unagreeable) and Hornet both debut on this map. The the hero meets Honeybee as soon as he/she arrives, and the player will be able to use both characters! At round 10, the deadly Hornet arrives, as instructed by his clan master, to finish the heroes off. Defeat him to get to the next round, in which Hornet joins the bug heroes and can be used as a hero! (he is just like spider, guilting of killing innocent bugs). You have to defeat Hornet in this adventure to use him on other maps. However, the enemies will be tough- it will involve loads of enemies old and new, and hornets, too! Hornet's clan has figured out about his betrayal and are after him! This is probably one of the most challenging and difficult adventures yet. (3 Bumblebees will spawn every 20 seconds to help the player as allies) By Win Tune.

Bed(collusium):in this area,the hero will face all the different enemys however, there will be a new enemy, dust mite! I'll leave the BHQ team to decide how they want the new guy to attack.

Tree(adventure): Remember how stick insect said he came from the tall trees of neighboryard? Well the bug heroes have discovered it! Swarming with stick insect mages, which shoot fireballs, aphids, which block your way and can hurt you if you get to close, Leaf bugs, hornets, cicadas that produce shockwaves of energy, vicious caterpillars, which attacks heroes and goes after food, and the mighty weevils!!! Your food base is located near the base of the tree on one of the wider branches, and there are about 5 main branches that go off the tree and spread out. It would be easy for enemys to fall. By crazynerd.

Warfield(adventure): An abandoned Warfield where a nuke exploded. After the explosion scorpions and many other bugs have invaded this field. A mad cockroach scientist called Dr. Roach will appear after the 30th round. After you will get a quest called the scientific vial you are able to create scorpidiant which is a fusion where you eliminate the any type of spider/scorpion and a red ant. There is a machine gun turret you can get after the oil grease quest.

Sky lands(adventure): in this map the bug heroes fight high up in the sky New enemies include: hornet machine gunners and wasp assassins



Dual Gunner Team: While equipped, Ant will be accompanied by two Black Ants that carry Rifles and the duo will each do 45% of the damage Ant does before he got the ability. Use in battle to each get an extra armor for a limited amount of time. Costs $1800.

BattleBot: Use in battle to create a war robot. Ant will get in it and use it for 50 seconds. The robot has four hands each with a minigun so ant gets 4x damage and he can shoot many bugs at once like fly. It also greatly incrases ant's armor (because he's in the robot.) and it has Beetle's speed. Also invincible to ground traps. Costs $2000 (150 second cooldown.) (The cooldown starts after the robot dissapears.) By Tuna fish123

Armored Ant: Use in battle to equip-dequip the armor(similar to armor ant's). When equipped, ant becomes nearly invincible to ranged attacks(like armor ants). Ant will move much slower while equipping it. Costs 1500$ By Tuna fish123


Dual Weapon: While equipped, Beetle will carry another duplicate weapon of what he is holding but each weapon will cause 35% less of the real damage. Use in battle to summon 4 Armor Ants and two Warrior Ants that will attack with Beetle. Costs $1700.

Flea Slayer: While equipped, Beetle will kill all fleas with 1-hit. Use in battle to deal more damage to all enemies. Costs $1200 (100 seconds cooldown). By Tuna fish123

Double Hitter: When used, Beetle will attack 2x faster than normal. 1200$, 150 sec. By Tuna fish123

Ultimate Defence: Beetle's wrench can be a better use in the game instead of smashing bugs. When near the base activate this ability. This ability doubles base turrets damage and range while it greatly decreases damage taken from food eating bugs for a long period of time. $1500, 200 sec. By Inferno


Shadow: While equipped, spider will walk faster, having an increased evasion rate but lesser chance of doing critical attacks. Use in battle to create a shadow duplicate which will keep multiplying every 5 seconds, each of them cause 45% less damage and will not stop multiplying until the first shadow duplicate is dealt with 400 damage. Costs $1800.

Widow Master: While equipped, spider will have an extra chance to do critical attacks. When activated, spiders ALL attacks will be critical for 20 seconds, and there will be a shockwave(similar to Ant's repulsar waves) with every attack. Combine this with Hopper's inspire and with a mushroom and... Costs $1500(100 second cooldown). By Tuna fish123

Counter Slash: When used, it will block the %95 of the next melee attack within the next second, (like riposte). A succesful Counter Slash will slash enemies around the Spider. (small AoE) Damage: heavy. Costs 1000$, 20 sec. By Tuna fish123

Whirlwind: Active ability. When used, Spider spins into a spinning tornado of blades and obliterates whatever gets in her way. You become faster, damage and knockback everything you hit, and can control the direction you go for 5 seconds, but you become dazed after the attack and have reversed controls (similar to Fly's ability Drunkard) for 3 seconds. Costs $1200 with a 35 second cooldown. By Antispec


Scorpion Slayer: Use in battle to select a scorpion and kill it instantly.(Only effects scorpions.) 30 second cooldown. Costs $800. By Tuna fish123

Knock'em: While equipped, Mantis will have slightly more knocking power. Use in battle to triple the knockback power of Mantis. Costs 1000$, 50 sec.

Camoflauge: Mantis has an increased chance to stun (beetles standard) while the ability is active. When activated Mantis blends in with his surroundings while standing still and his attack speed is increased with every kill. Costs 1500, 100 seconds. By Inferno.

Camouflage(second idea): It should only have an active ability. When activated, Mantis will be invisible when staying completely still for 2 seconds. Enemies will simply follow the path to the base like the grubs. Mantis may attack while standing still without being revealed, but if he is attacked by anything, he becomes visible again. Also if he is attacked while standing still before he turns invisible, the 2 seconds restart. If he moves, he becomes visible again. This ability lasts 30 seconds. Costs $1200 and has a cooldown of 120 seconds.

Shuriken throws: Costs $1500 it take 5 seconds to reload. When equipped it will do 1/4 of the damage of the real shuriken and will have a small chance of stun.

Fiddler Crab:Edit

Ricochet rocket: Use in battle to shoot a one-hit KO rocket that will rebounce off of an enemy. Can be rebounded for 7 times randomly shooting a target. Costs $1600.

Claw Expert: While equipped, crab will use his claw instead of his bazooka as a melee attack when he's too close to an enemy. Does a bit less damage than his bazooka but it's very fast and it can hit many enemies. Use in battle to double the damage for 20 seconds. Costs 1500$ (60 second cooldown) By Tuna fish123

can be useful with big claw.

Minigun: Use in battle to equip-dequip the minigun instead of bazooka. But it isn't like the ant's minigun. There's 5 seconds before it starts shooting and its firerate is incrasing over time.(similar to worm's autocannon). First, it's lower than ant's rifle, but after shooting like 15-20 seconds, it will be like ant's minigun+entrech. Costs 1800$ By Tuna fish123

Drop Bomb: Use this ability to equip a special kind of explosive weapon that drops very slow moving, spherical shaped bombs that roll on the floor, ricochet off walls once then explode the 2nd time, and falls into pits. These special projectiles do 1.5x more damage than the regular Bazooka, but has identical firing speed.


Dual Machinegun: While equipped, Fly will have a longer range, fly slower but Deal lesser damage. Use in battle to equip/de-equip dual Machineguns but will walk slower, even longer range and deal high damage with great fire rate.

Somewhere: Use in battle to teleport somehere randomly on the map. 500$, 15 sec. By Tuna fish123

Persistence: Prevents fly from being knocked back or stunned and automatically revives fly for free when he dies, dealing 20% extra damage with 40% greater firing rate each time he repsawns (only with 100 health). Useful when cornered by high damaging enemies. However, after the ability wears off, no matter how much health fly has restored, fly will stay dead and you will have to use money (like usual) to revive him. 50 seconds, 100 seconds cooldown. By Win Tune

Death Brawl: Bet a certain amount of money on an enemy, leaving it stunned permanently (you cannot attack the stunned enemy) until you complete/fail the random objective (something reasonable but not so easy, such as killing 40 enemies) that you have been given for placing a bet. If you succeed in completing the objective in 1 minute, the selected enemy will receive damage equal to the amount of money bet, and all other enemies on the map will receive 20% that damage. However, if you lose the bet, you will lose the amount of money you bet (If you bet $500, you will lose another $500. You would have lost $1000 for nothing). If you do not have the amount that you bet, your heroes will each have their health decreased by the amount of money bet divided by three.(If you bet $900, each hero receives 300 damage). Useful against big bugs like centipedes or scorpions, but can be suicide. By Win Tune

Bullet Rain: Use in battle to shoot many rounds into the sky. A second afterwards, the bullets will rain down into the range of your sight when it was used for 3 seconds, each causing twice as much damage and knockback to a random direction due to gravity. Note that the raining bullets aren't targeted at anything, so use it when there are alot of enemies in your sight. (If the Gnat Banditos are equipped, the rain will be extended to 5 seconds.) $1200, 80 seconds. By Antispec

Melee Support: When equipped, two gnat banditos will appear in front of Fly at all times, both wielding a knife. Every time Fly fires his pistols, they slash ahead, causing half the amount of damage of Beetle's Stick each. They will cause only a minimum amount of knockback to small enemies, and none whatsoever on larger ones. Also, when equipped, Fly's accuracy will drop drastically, and makes the ability Gnat Banditos unable to be equipped alongside it. By Antispec


Dance of the Swords: While equipped, Ladybug will attack faster and deal slightly more damage. Use in battle to shoot an area with 20 needles that each cause 75 damage. Costs $1500.

Flying Ladybug: While equipped, Ladybug will use her wings to fly, becoming invicible to ground traps and also incrasing her speed a bit at the cost of decrasing her armor a bit. Use in battle to further incrase the speed for a small period of time. Costs $800 (15 second cooldown). By Tuna fish123

Sword Clash: When used, it'll block %100 of the next melee attack within the next second. There will be a sword clash when you do this. You should tap the attack button quickly. If you win, you'll deal massive damage.

Fencer's Spirit: Massively increases speed and damage for 30 seconds, but lowers all armour completely, and decreases cooldown for other abilities by 15 seconds.

Fencer's Spiri t- Tuna Fish's version: I think it should decrease all the armor. It seems pretty overpowred

Fuck ke-leb25: It will automatically cause ke-leb to depression and will make you win the waveyour on 150 second cool down

Grass Hopper:Edit

Killing Spree: Use in battle to kill enemies within 30 seconds, the number of enemies killed will either heal other heroes health(No. Of killsX3), deal damage to all enemies on the map(No. Of killsX2), shorten the time for abilities to be reused(No. Of killsX1). Costs $1500

Life King: Use in battle to revive all dead heroes for free.The ability will be locked on hard mode. Costs $2000 (300 second cooldown). By Tuna fish123

Stunning Kick: Use in battle to stun an enemy for 20 seconds. 600$, 35 sec. By Tuna fish123

Zeta Pulse: Use much of your chi to create a great shockwave around Hopper to repel all enemies, all sizes and shapes. It 1HKOs all swarmer enemies, removes half of their maxiumum HP the medium-sized bugs, and takes out 1/4 of the miniboss bugs' current HP. However, it damages Hopper by 1/4, increases cooldown for all other abilities by 10 seconds, and has a large cooldown. $2000, 200 seconds. By Antispec

Pyrodrive: When equipped in battle, uses Hopper's inner chi to ignite the air around him. Increases attack speed, removes knockback, and scorches both the enemies hit and Hopper himself(like poison but without the slow effect).The less HP Hopper has, the less powerful this skill is, including the self-damage. $1550. By Antispec

Support:When this ability is used hopper calls in two more monks that fight in the exact same way as hopper and walk randomly around the map. However they have less HP than hopper and you can't switch heroes while the ability is active since they only respond to hopper. They are active until they die and then the cool down begins again. It cost $1000and the cool down is 150secs. By Charles.


Darkness: While equipped, Stickbug has a small chance to use dark magic to attack foes(Attacks would be black hole, which sucks up 5 enemies. Capture, which will capture a group of enemies and tear them apart. Portal, which will call forth a bug who will aid you in battle. Pull, which will pull enemies close to Stickbug and use physical dark energy to destroy them all within one hit.). Use in battle to plunge Stickbug in darkness making him take more damage and walk slowly but use the unholy skills everytime. Costs $1800

Radiation: Use in battle to kill enemies who hits Stickbug in close combat. Costs $1600

Super Mana: Use in battle to recharge all other abilities instantly.(Mana skill does not effect this ability.) Costs $1200 (150 second cooldown). By Tuna fish123

Lighting Staff: Use in battle to equip-dequip the lighting staff which does the same damage as fire staff every second, and it also slows down emeies. It shoots like magnifier turret and it can shoot for 10 seconds. After 30 seconds, it can shoot again. Costs 1200$

Chrono Staff: Use in battle to equip/dequip the Chrono Staff, which speeds Stickbug up and slows down everything around the map, but disables attacking and using offensive spells. However, it only lasts for 10 seconds before unequipping itself and going on a 3 minute cooldown. Costs $1000. By Antispec


Charge: Use in battle to charge an attack randomly with a plasma cannon. The longer it charges, the more damage, pierce through armor and knock-back there is. Costs $1200

My twin: Use in battle to cut yourself and clone yourself with regeneration. Each part will have 1/2 hp from the worm. They will move and shoot together. So you get 2x damage from regular attacks and all abilities. The ability only dissapears when one of the parts dies. When that happens, other part will regen and turn back to normal form, with 1/2 hp of the normal worm's full health. Costs $1200 (150 second cooldown). By Tuna fish123

Quick Grenade: Use in battle to throw a grenade that explodes immediately. Does a bit less damage than normal grenade. 800$, 20 sec. By Tuna fish123

Miniguns for everyone: Use in battle to spray bullets everywhere. Decreased speed, costs $1000. By Ideabug.


Missle turret: The ability costs $1000, and it costs $200 for each build. Use in battle to place a missle turret which shoots a rocket missle every 15 seconds. It also automaticly target's the strongest bug in the map. The missle also tracks the enemy so it can't miss. Every missle pierces all armor and damages 400HP, and also knocks back enemies around the place where it shoots, like fire cracker turret, but only damages the main target. It's basically same as the missle turret of this page. By Tuna fish123

Missile Support: Only use when you have at least one missile turret. A spray of rockets burst into the air and finds random targets around the map to destroy (similar to asteriod field exept the missiles homes in on a target). One missile turret can fire five missiles when in use of this ability. $1000, 100 sec. By Inferno