Roach the Mechanic from the reinforcements picture.

Dev Description: Roach the Mechanic (Termite) -- "Replaces Optics and Workmanship for Lucky Shot and Armor, and he is immune to slugs poison damage... This of course makes him much less effective with turrets, but also gives him some innate skills to allow him to "get in the fray" better and become a real combat threat. Lucky Shot + Nail Gun is an awesome combo."

Description: Roach is very controversial. Some people hate him and some people love him. His extra protection is the main advantage for Roach. However, he has weaker turrets. Fortunately, with the addition of the Nail Gun ability, some people actually use Termite more for fighting. Though the armor does allow him to survive a lot longer, his other new skill, Lucky Shot, is pretty useless. It only adds knockback, which static blast can very well do as well as stun. Speed should be there instead of Lucky Shot. (Lucky shot probably added for balance, with speed he would bee too strong) Roach is better to use in coliseum because of his better survival skills. Without speed, though, he is still a massive target for the fleas. Tree Stump is the most preferable map, seeing that it is small, allowing the turrets to shoot almost anywhere.

Recommended Level-Ups: Armor and Static Blast should be equalized first for maximum protection. (And it's the part that he's better than Termite) Then you can choose between Lucky Shot or Health after that. They are equal values (bad value at that). Though it is called Lucky "Shot" it works well with the drill.

Recommended Basic Loadout: Gun Turret, Bomber Turret, Satelitte, Shield Generator, Spark plugs ("Roach is less effective with turrets, so this isn't needed that much to be an 'advanched loadout' item")

Recommended Advanched Loadout: Autocannon Turret ("fast-firing and armour piercing--great turret"), Railgun Turret ("great replacement for sniper turret--powerful"), Food Cultivator ("really helpful for surviving"), Overdrive ("an emergency stun ability, and nice bonus--a must for surviving in Coliseum"), Nail Gun ("there's lucky shot, so...").