Mosquito from the reinforcements picture.

Dev Description: "A life draining version of Fly, the Mosquito is a much more survivable with the Vampirism ability (chance to heal with each kill), and Beetle's Regeneration skill. Together, Mosquito is a fast, survivable hero. However, he sacrifices Theft and Chance... so you have to decide whether you want, a more combat friendly hero with Mosquito, or the more feeble, money earning Fly."

Description: Mosquito is very useful as a fast-firing hero that WILL survive...with luck of course. Theft and Chance are replaced with Vampirism and Regeneration. Vampirism increases the chance of healing after a kill (much like Hopper's Faith). This is useful, but not logical once you think about it. You'd have to be near an enemy to suck their blood and gain health, when most of the enemies Mosquito shoots are too far away. It might be nice (and quite unique) If Vampirism was that it increases the chance of healing when an enemy attacks in close combat. This would be a great counter. Mosquito is obviously more for coliseum.

Recommended Level-Ups: First max Speed (unless there's another fast hero), then switch between Vampirism and Regeneration. Since Mosquito can quickly heal, you don't need to upgrade Health when he's low on it.

Additional note: Like Fly and Wasp, Mosquito is unaffected by bug slime and other ground traps (such as the Snare Spider's web.)

Reccomended Skills: Drunkard (double damage! Pair it with quick draw!), Quick Draw, Gnat Bambitos (You'll need the extra fire power), Spinning shot (if you screw up while your drunk, you'@@ need a way out)