Welcome to the Bug Heroes Wiki!

Here we have a list of everything that needs to get done. Pick something on this list, and we'll underline it off and add your name to it when you finish. If you finish something and the list isn't updated, send K-leb25 or K?! a PM.


  • Ant- K?!, K-leb25, Tuna fish123
  • Stickbug- K?!, GodSon, K-leb25, Tuna fish123
  • Ladybug- K?!, K-leb25, GodSon, Tuna fish123
  • Beetle- K?!, K-leb25, Thebughero234
  • Spider- K?!, K-leb25, Tuna fish123
  • Add formatting- K-leb25; add missing abilities and in-game weapon descriptions to Fly.
  • Termite- K?!, GodSon, K-leb25, Tuna fish123
  • Mantis- GodSon, JailJail, K-leb25, Tuna fish123
  • Add missing abilities and formatting to Worm.

Alternative Heroes

  • Add recommended loadout to Flea.
  • Add recommended loadout to Wasp.
  • Add recommended loadout to Pillbug.
  • Add recommended loadout to Leafbug.
  • Roach- K-leb525, Tuna fish123
  • Add recommended loadout to Hunter.


  • Pond- K?!, Tenshi37
  • Add map and more detail in the stragety section to Yard.
  • Add the sections Features, Enemies and Strageties-K-leb25; add detail to Strageties section and a map to Tree Stump.
  • Sink- K-leb25, Antispec, K?!
  • Add more detail to Features- Anitspec, Swap around the Enemies and Features section- K-leb25, add more detail to Strategy- Tuna fish123; and add a map to Picnic.



  • Complete Plot, Gameplay, Character Appearances, Downloadable Content and Reception sections for Bug Heroes page.
  • Complete Plot, Gameplay, Character Appearances, Missions and Reception sections for Bug Heroes Quest page.
  • Add description and each individual quest to Quests page.
  • Add each indidvidual award to Awards page.

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