This is the alt of the non-existant hero Moth. I, K-leb25, thought up entirely of this alt.

Description: Earwig the Warlock still is very balanced, like Moth, but in a different way. As well as being religious, Earwig has also learnt the path of magic. But, her most unique aspect is that she loses the flight at night and instead can use her pincers on her abdomen to attack any enemy that melees her backside, doing 50 damage and knocking back small-to-medium-sized enemies. She gives up Speed for Quick Killer, which "magically" increases the speed of her attack by 12%. She takes away Holy Figure for Surprise Attack, which increases the damage of her pincers by 10. Finally, she gives up Master Strike with Energy Boom, which increases the chance of letting out pure energy with an attack which spreads outwards from all around her. This knocks back any enemies nearby, stuns them for 5 seconds and slows them for another 5 seconds. So, she is much the same, yet different.

List of changes: loses the flight bonus at night; can damage enemies that attack her baskside; replaces Speed with Quick Killer; replaces Holy Figure with Surprise Attack; and replaces Master Strike with Energy Boom.