This is a made up alt of the made up hero, Millipede Feaster. It has been written on the Suggestions for Bug Heroes page and I, K-leb25, am writing it up on an entire page complete with description, skills and anything that is different to his original.

Description: This smart dragonfly takes on his relatives' taste for food, yet in a more technological way. Like Millipede, he creates turrets which help with the process of gathering food. While in the Pond, Dragon was wiring up some machines on the rocks when the Bug Heroes found him. He travelled with them, making great friends with Termite, to help their hard times protecting and gathering food. In-game, he replaces Health with Parry. Using his well-aiming wings, he can easily move out of eny trouble. With his engineering mind, he gives up Blowback with Workmanship. He is much thinner and more fragile than Millipede, so he has no armour and even only 500 health! But you may find that his Parrying skills will make up for that.

List of Changes:

  • Replaces Health with Parry
  • Replaces Blowback with Workmanship
  • Has no armour
  • Has 500 health
  • Replaces Millipede's voice with Termite's