This is the alternate of the non-existant hero Wolf Spider, who was thought up by the fans of BH. I, K-leb25, made up his alt, Caterpillar Cyborg.

Description: The slow youngling known as Caterpillar has become a little too obsessed with technology, just like Wolf. He has gone so far that he is turned half robot! Caterpiller gains more armour than Wolf as a start. His amazing apetite hasn't changed since becoming half-robot, so takes away Effeciveness with Feast. This new skill increases the chance that a kill will drop food. Please note that only Caterpillar's kills will have the greater chance. Survivability means a lot to Caterpillar, which actually is his main reason of turning cyborg. So he takes away Survival for Amour. Yeah...why did he take away Survival for another survival skill? Well, he wants to be nice and strong before losing health. Caterpillar may be easier to use with armour, and quite rewarding too with Feast. The abilities, though, are now less effective. Try to go for the ones with less of a cooldown and most importantly: use Caterpillar for coliseum.

List of changes-- more armour (as much as Beetle);

                        replaced Effectiveness with Feast

                        replaced Survival with Armour