This is the biggest map to date, released in the update 2.1. It is somewhat shaped like an huge 'L' . The food stash appears on the bottom-right corner (i.e. besides the giant couch). It is apparently "one of the scorpions' main bases."


A couch blocks off the otherwise square shape. A little bench stool sits beside it, right in front of the base where enemies can ambush. While you're not worrying about that, you'll have a huge area to explore. Dog bowls are imminent near the bottom-left, where cheeky flea gunners and snipers tend to appear. Up a bit is an area under another stool where most enemies spawn. At the top is where you'll need to watch out for the large bugs, like caterpillars, queen ants, spiders and centipedes.


There are four new flea-type enemies not existant in all other maps. Flea Shotgunners are still as puny as normal Army Fleas, yet carry heavy shotguns that fire three, deadly bullets which knockback the heroes like ragdolls. The Flea Mortar team is like a weaker, more numerous type of cockroach, with much less health and speed, and armed with grenades which bounce on the ground and detonate after three seconds. The Flea Sniper Teams are very slow firing, but with long range and incredibly powerful bullets, hence the word "Sniper". Finally, Gun Bugs are fleas covered in tough armor, firing weak bullets in all directions (the bullets' direction seemingly varies randomly, but they always fire a fixed amount and in any direction). Fighting these ironclad Fleas really close up is not recommended, because most of the bullets tend to be absorbed by you.

Queen Ants and Giant Spiders are noticeably more numerous than in other maps, so be extra prepared. Pillbugs make their second appearence, but are infrequent. However, Ant soldiers spawn much more frequently than in other maps.


Fast heroes like Fly and Spider are very useful on this map due to it's huge size. Long range turrets are of course very helpful, as well. Watch out, on certain rounds, there are massive numbers of grubs passing around the corner of the couch, heading for the base. They are usually paired with other annoying enemies, so save AoE abilities on them, particularly Spider's Executioner and Ladybug's Lunge. Miniboss-type like Queen Ants, Elephant Snails or Giant Spiders usally spawn in the upper places, around under the glass table.