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Kitchen is the first Adventure map. The map consists of a U-shaped kitchen counter and a hollow area in the wall. The base is located at one end of the U-shaped counter. It's probably the easiest map.


The rat hole, on the far right of the map, is an extremely dangerous place. If you do go, have a teleport/ant hill ability ready to get out, do it between rounds, and have powerful abilities to kill bugs quickly or at least knock them back instead of fighting them yourself. This will make the already dangerous trip slightly safer. In high rounds you should avoid this place. (Tip: Most teleport abilities can make use of the large window in the rat hole. Attempting to use the teleport ability on an area which you're unable to see isn't allowed, but you can easily teleport to the other side by exploiting the window's visibility.)
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The perfect chokepoint for turrets and Worm's abilities. Watch your back, Stickbug!


Kitchen features a balanced, if bland, set of enemies. This includes the obligatory Centipede, Caterpillars, Bumblebees, Ants, and Fleas. Vampire Bugs also do appear here. Flea Gunner Teams are also noticably common, which usually tends to be a problem for the unarmored hero. There are also small scorpions in high rounds.


The two bright spots in the middle are perfect places for Ant's Burrow Mines and Porta Turrets as well. Most spawns converge there and you can take advantage of huge groups of bugs being there. Worm is very effective on this map due to the perfect chokepoint to the front right of the base (see the middle bright spot on the map? Right there). Toss a tremor bomb and let the enemies pile up behind it, then throw a grenade, slime bomb, or claymore. This will give your base turrets time to finish off bugs coming from the left hand corner and get abilities ready to recharge. Finally, bugs are lined up along the two uppermost light points on the map and can be destroyed with explosive ammo.

A hero with a teleport ability is very useful as the rat hole is the most dangerous part of any map. Ant shines here due to Teleport and Ant Hole.
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